Being a non-asset based provider, we have access to various warehousing options pending on your needs. They can offer a variety of solutions and services. Below are just a few examples.



  • Well-equipped sites that are clean, heated and well-maintained
  • Total volume of more than 150,000 Square feet
  • Modern facilities with 20 feet of vertical clearance
  • Easy-to-access sites in well-chosen locations
  • Sites that comply with the industry’ s quality and safety standards
  • Indoor handling and sorting with safe, appropriate equipment
  • Customer assistance and support service
  • Custom warehousing option to suit your specific needs
  • Packing, packaging and labeling
  • Palletization
  • Specialized insurance for valuable merchandise
  • Vertical shelving storage option
  • Site operating 24/7
  • Warehousing logistics through pick and pack option, order preparation and shipping of envelopes, packages and pallets.
  • Flexible pricing