Whether you are global or local, asset or non-asset based, move shipments by air, ocean, ground or any combination in-between, the challenge for transportation and logistics service providers is to offer differentiated service at a competitive price. This is easier said than done, as you have to manage shipments, resources and documents that are all concurrently in motion with business processes that extend to the edge of your enterprise and well into your trading partners’ and customers’ operations. Working with trading partners can also be a challenge because they are numerous and your relationships with them are constantly changing.

With hundreds of customers just like you, Egavas understands your situation and has a portfolio of supply chain software and domain expertise unique to the transportation and logistics services markets. We provide:

  • contract management;
  • purchased transportation management;
  • regulatory compliance;
  • route planning, delivery scheduling and fleet management;
  • forwarder and broker solutions;
  • trading partner connectivity;
  • support and advice for the proper packaging of your goods according to the international standards and regulations (ISPM 15) and for customs documentation;
  • and more…



  • The serviced territories are Canada, United States and Mexico
  • Part loads (LTL) and full truck loads (TL) with dry and refer trailers
  • Types of equipment’s: dry vans, flat trailers, refers (2, 3 or 4 axles), B-trains, specialized equipment for oversized loads or special shipments
  • Container transportation (20, 40, 45 or 53 ft.)
  • Dedicated transportation for local or long distance



  • Importation/exportation of part loads (LCL “less than full container loads”), or
  • Full container loads (FCL) (20 and 40 ft.)
  • Project cargo, Flat Racks, or Open tops.
  • Specialized Cargo, Reefers
  • Transportation from the door to door or terminal to terminal or anything in between.
  • Hazardous Cargo



  • Importation/exportation of parcels and pallet shipments
  • Transportation from the door to door or terminal to terminal or anything in between.
  • Hazardous Cargo.
  • Project Cargo
  • Consolidation services



  • Transportation of part loads (LTL) and full truck loads (TL)
  • Intermodal service coming from or going to Western Canada, the Maritimes or the United States